Beach Plaster Casting



This activity was an interesting one but a lot of fun! I got to meet two awesome classmates, Leon & Molly, and were able to work with them only this project at Seal Beach. It was cool to mix the plaster and dig the hole. I started to make a model of my hand throwing up the peace sign but it didn’t work out good lol. It was fun to though and it dried faster than I thought. I’ve never done anything like this before and it was cool to do. I wouldn’t mind doing this in the future to have a model of something that memorable.

I seen something similar to this on some social network site  (I don’t remember which one) but someone mad a plaster casting of their key to their first apartment. I could see myself doing something like this in the future. It’s fun to do and even more fun doing it with a group of people! I can’t wait for the next project, hopefully I collaborate with others within the class.

-Amber B.

nothing-more-exciting-than-meeting-new-people-hearing-their-stories-and-being-inspired-quote-1 (1)


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