Drawin with Snapchatđź‘»



Snapchat is apart of my daily routine, I snap about every single day. When first hearing of Snapchat I was against it and I refused to create one the first few months that it was super popular because of the “hype” surrounding it. I finally made one and have been hooked every since. I like being able to share my experiences with friends and it is a good way to keep up with friends and their cool experiences. Knowing the aspects and qualities of Snapchat is super interesting, it lets the “Snapchater” become a “storyteller” and illustrate whatever they feel their audience should view.

Being apart of this class for 3 weeks now and “documenting” our first art gallery walk through is a great way to illustrate our first experience. Many people just take pictures and post it not really thinking of the concept behind it, but when drawing on the picture you create something new is pretty cool to recreate and take appreciation of the artists work. Which is really apart of what art is. Art is influenced though other things, people and objects within the world. I enjoyed drawing and taking a second to think of ideas from the most simple things that I seen.

Anthony and Catherine had some great snaps. I am absolutely in love with Anthony’s photo of the little figure and its angle wings. Catherine’s is great as well. I talked to both Catherine and Anthony and I loved their views on the sculptures and art pieces they seen.

I really enjoyed the my first view of the art galleries and I can’t wait to continue it throughout the semester!


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