Classmate Conversation- Week 3

In this weeks gallery walk I talked to a classmate C. Morgan Moore. Morgan is a great person to converse with because of his eay going personality. 

Morgan found all of the gallery’s interesting but the one that he enjoyed the most was Josh Vasquez. He seemed to like the simply lay out of  Vasquez format and the simplicity meaning of his pieces which was life and death. Morgan and I were fascinated about the lighting and the overall setting of the gallery and how it was not necessarily depressing but more so of an acceptance of death and that there will always be a death that comes along with life.

I don’t personally think that is what Vasquez was actually going for but based on my personal interpretation of death and life I believe the pieces of work that gave more more of a piece of mind and acceptance of death. In Morgan’s case he felt as if honored to be in a room with an artist with a great artistic form and a great concept. 



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