Artist Conversation- Samuel Jermigan

Artist: Samuel Jermigan

Exhibition: Weight of Whimsey and Ideals

Media: toys,  wood, glass figures, mask, blocks, thrift shop items

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov


Instagram: samueljenri

About the Artist:

Samuel Jermigan is a striving and ambitious sculptors artist. Jermigan recently graduated from CSULB reciving his Bachelor in Fine Arts! Being passionate to the extent that Jermigan lived out his car to be closer to his studio at CSULB Jernigan pieces explore the ideas of abandonment and belonging based in the places that he gets his media such as the old toys and other objects from the thrift stores. His skills are unique and allows him to express who he actually is through his pieces.

Jermigan’s sculptures resemble Disney characters and when mentioning this concept to him, he mentioned that Disney was his inspiration. His sculptures have a lot of basic shapes and lines as if it resembled a women like figure for instance in one of his paintings.  It was one piece where the fish was smiling but broken on the side and when talking to to him he expressed that the fish represents the struggles of life but you must always keep a smile. He had a smooth texture with his work and when looking at his work I got a sense of joy because everything was playful and happy. It put me in a childlike space. When talking to Jermigan, he mentioned that he uses his art as an inspiration.

Taking a second to really think about his art is super inspiration. Talking to him and understanding his personality was great because it put the pieces together on why he create the masterpieces he creates. I asked him if he wanted to own his own gallery and he said he wanted to do nothing with the business aspect of stuff but he only wants his art in museums and also mentioned how he already has some pieces in a museum now.

I found him to be extremely inspirational and his is the true definition of a starving artist and I respect his work!


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