Classmate Conversation Week 4

Christine Kim is someone I am glad I had a conversation with so energetic and fun as her. Christine talked about her life growing up in Long Beach and told me a little about her home life and the reason on coming to Long Beach State is because it is close to home. Her hobby is art, she’s a painter and she says that she’s done graffiti before and an overall artist. She’s a business major but take classes like to be social and get her artistic side out. She also goes to expos, get tattoos, and volunteering to also go to also get out her artistic expression.  When her and I walked into the gallery of Samuel Jermigan, we both agreed that we felt happy going in there and childlike and when talking to Samuel she felt as if she was talking to someone truly inspiring.

I asked her about her college experience she talked about how she is a sophomore in the College of Administration as an Accounting major. When asking her why did she choose accounting over art as her major she explained it as the typical “it was my parent’s decision” and she is in the mindself that college is an investment and understands that the degree you get doesn’t always determine your future. Although her circumstances involving school and her family life she still finds a way to get have fun with her art and her family still supports her. When asking about her life goals she said she wants to continue her tattoo collection when gets settled in her career, get her CPA license, and travel.

Christine is a great and confident person. I’m really glad I met her!IMG_0251


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