LA Art Book Fair

The Los Angeles Art Book Fair was a great event and I am glad I went/ Being around so many creative people that isn’t afraid to express their what some would call “weird” ideas. The some of the art made me question in an awkward way and on the other the some made me feel like I was dreaming. When thinking of this book fair I thought of something different, first I didn’t expect it to be so crowded. Secondly,  I didn’t expect it to be set up as a museum which was something interesting and cool.

The atmosphere was great, I wish I would have bought everything in there. Being there felt like a breathe of fresh air and being there with my best friend was even more fun. When roaming around it was just amazing to understand and to grasp how many creative people are in the world. This makes me feel like inspired for my work and how to progress as a photographer and one day a director or producer.

After the book fair, my best friend and I got Yogurtland and sushi from Tenio Sushi, it was a great best friend bonding time opportunity!IMG_7072

I can’t wait to explore more of LA and I plan on going out more often like this and great a “arties get away”!


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