Artist Conversation Week 5- Amy Frankeberger

Artist: Amy Frankeberger

Exhibition: Fuse: Join To Form; Single Entity

Media: enamel, foil, silver, sterling silver, gold luster, copper, metal

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: Does not have one.

Instagram: Does not have one

Facebook: Amy Frankeberger


About the Artist

Amy Frankeberger is a great experimental artist. She is a Long Beach native in her third year at CSULB as a Graphic Design major. She has also applied for a MA in Metals because she likes the creativity that goes into the process of making metals. Based off her attitude she is a type of person who loves to explore her options in her art. She also owns her own photography business. She explained that she got into art based on the many anima conventions she attends where she meets other people such as photographers. She said that the fusion between metals and graphic design is great for the type of person she is.

Formal Analysis

These pieces were all collective around the room so it was challenging to tell who’s artwork belonged to who. Many of the pieces were textual and the scaling was small and others loger. Most of designs were made from metal and structured as jewelry, others into chandelier, and there was a chair that was really textured base where it looked like it was made mini tree branches. Amy showed me one of her pieces, were in the middle of the saucer it was it looked like the lines were textured but they were smooth and she explained that she used a painting brush to create the lines.

Content Analysis

Amy discussed how her art was a reflection of her personality and how she loves to experiment with different ideas a medias such as graphic design, graphic design, and photography. Amy knew so much about her craft in the art where she just explained that she does it out of enjoyment and as assignments and she appreciates the different art forms and how she can use metals and the processing of metals in photography and graphic design.

My Experience

I enjoyed talking to Amy about the process that she has to go through when creating her designs. Walking around the room was great to see all the pieces and grasp and understanding of their purpose. The art pieces were great and it made me appreciate designers of jewelry even more.


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