Classmate Conversation: Vanessa Betancourt

This week I talked to Vanessa Betancourt a freshmen at our school, CSULB, as a Social Work major. She only applied to CSULB and thankfully was accepted. in the regards of choosing her major, she was influenced by the Disney movie, Lilo & Stitch. Another influence was her love for children and helping people in need. She wants to work in an office setting where she helps people in need receive that government aid needed.

Vanessa is a very fun and outgoing person. I asked her what did she like to do for a hobby, she explained that she loves to go hiking in Whittier and love to go to the gym. She enjoyed looking at the art. I asked her why was she interested in taking this class and she explained how she wanted to take a fun GE and explore art in a different way. She is a hands on learner and she knew being active is something.

It was nice talking to Vanessa and getting to talk to somebody with a different perspective.


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