Week 5 Cuisine-“Arte com fruta e legumes”

Choosing what I wanted to do for this project was tough. I wanted to make my own clothing but I know it would have taken more preparation and I wanted to dye my hair but my job won’t allow it (darn dress code -,-). Finally I decided to do Cuisine and when searching the web I seen a lot of great ideas but a lot was fruits. I wanted to do something besides fruit but I was unable to find any other ideas.

Youtube is a lifesaver! I looked up “food art” and the first thing that popped up was a carving of a flower and a flower pot out of an apple and this what I recreated using a green apple, strawberry, blueberries, and caramel sauce.

The first pettle I had failed.IMG_0273

So I tried again… A little better.IMG_0274

Finish product with a happy customer (:

I enjoyed this project and being creative with food, and I plan to do something like this more often. I know they have some places in Santa Monica that gives you the chance to make your own food and be creative. I might just plan a day with all my friends!


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