Week 6 Photowalk

This weeks Art Experience was one of the most relaxing ArtExperiences so far because it was one of my stress reliever, photography! Photography is something that I am really passionate about and I enjoy doing so much and have been doing for the past 4 years. As I grow more and more into photography I have figured that is is a true skill to have. 
This weeks art tour guide was Maddy and she was a AWESOME tour guide. Gust she took us the upper part of campus right off of 7th street where we took pictures of the CSULB sign that is made up of leaves. Just by taking this walk and this picture I really got to embraces the campus and notice how much nature out school has. I also got to explore how AMAZING iPhone cameras are!!

In my photography I am really BIG about angles, it is something about angles that get the viewers involved as if they are there. In this picture I didn’t want to take a picture of the sign like everyone else. I wanted to show a new angle. 


Our Japanese Garden is the most beautiful thing on our campus and a great get-away place from the stress of school to just sit and reflect. I’ve visit before for a “get-away” and it was relaxing. In this activity I had the chance to explore it and admire it even more with the close up shots I took. In the close ups you are able to see the texture of the subject. Admire and have your mind escape for a while. In my images of the sky I tried to grasp the concept of a bright beginning through the sun and the leaves as the things that are in the world that try to get in the way of that bright future. 


On the walk to the pyrimade I was able to just enjoy the beauty on the Westside of campus and it was amazing. When walking throughout our campus you see a lot of diversity, you hear different languages and it’s like you’re walking around for the whole world. In this portion is just a documentary of CSULB. I took pictures of the ground to demonstrate all walks of life that walk on campus and how we are all connected wether we know it or not. 


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