Week 7: Artist Conversation


Info Block:

Artist: Sovanchan Sorn

Exhibition: F*ART: Nuno Type

Media: Cotton, Wool

Gallery: Werby-Gallery

Website: Doesn’t have one

Instagram: sovanchan



About Artist:

Sovanchan is a upcoming artist at CSULB as an Undergraduate in her senior year. He major as she changed it from Graphic Design to know Fiber Art, she plans on getting her BFA in Fiber because of her love for textile and the experience of the different experimental activities she can go through when creating her pieces. She finds the fiber more enjoyable compared to graphic design and sitting behind a computer. She likes that fiber is leanin, its flexible, and not as structured as graphic design because of the room for errors in a creative way. She has no future plans in Fiber Art, she says wherever it takes her, she’ll follow.

Formal Analysis:

IT was a lot going on with most of the art in each exhibit and by the look of everything it was texture in some and others were more smooth. The one neat piece was the chair inside a little dome. I thought this was pretty neat because of the set up and the way it was centered in the room. Not only was it just centered in the room but it also had an auto to it so the audience are able to relate or understand the concept.

Content Analysis:

In her typography class Sovanchan was assigned to be more experimental and find out how cotton transforms when you are putting it in harsh; for instances, conditions such as slamming it on the table multiple times. She learned that these different conditions is something that she enjoys and the reason why she loves the fiber program. She mentions that most of her work is experimental and this is why she loves about fiber art and why is wants to major with the fiber program.

My Experience:

Before this exhibition I did not know anything about fiber art and now it has put my mind to a new perspective of art mediums. This exhibition is my absolute favorite because it showed a new side of art that I would have never thought of. When walking into the galleries I did not expect most of the pieces I seen. When I think of fiber ], I think of clothing and it was so much more than that. This is why I love art and seeing stuff like this makes me want to go out and explore other things in nature.



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