Week 7 Classmate Conversation

This week I spoke to Alyssa Cartos, who is a very sweet person! She is a Freshmen at CSULB and from Victorville, California. Alyssa is a Political Science major, she says that she enjoys the learning new things in politics but is not sure just yet about the career field that she wants to explore when graduating. I asked her on her reasoning on coming to CSULB she mentioned that it was a easy commute and that it is a “good price for a good school”. She mentioned that she had an interest in art and the purpose of her taking this class was to fill a GE requirement, do something outside of get comfort zone, and because she believed that it will be a fun and easy class.

Alyssa mentioned that her time so far in the class has been a pretty neat experience and that she enjoys coming to this class. When I asked her about the art she has seen so far in the class she expressed that she’s liked all of it because of the different perspectives of artist and that there are a lot of things to explore within art. In the F*Art Exhibition she said that the first gallery in West Gavo was something interesting to look at because of the message and the media used to create the pieces.

Talking to Alyssa was a nice way to end the week because she was an enjoyable and easy person to talk to! This was my first time approaching someone first so I got to step out of my comfort zone and do something new!


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