Week 8: Artist Conversation- Bri Joy

Artist: Bri Joy

Exhibition: Merge

Media: Screen Printing

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: Does Not Have One

Instagram: @brijoy 



Bri Joy is a California native who has transferred from Orange Coast Community College to California State University, Long Beach to pursue a BFA in Printmaking.  The printmaking program is a three year program, so Bri has been apart of the 49ers family for 3 years now and this semester is her last. Bri started the art of printmaking in high school and came into college with that major set in mind. She loves the art form because it gives her the chance to manipulate in a creative and constructive way. Bri mention that she is terrified of graduating because printmaking is reliant on equipment and not the type of equipment that she can set up in her living room. The need for a studio is a must and this is something that makes her scared of stepping out of college because she has to has to work on finding ways of getting ahold of these materials and storage space she needs to be successful in her craft.

There are different types of printmaking and in Bri’s exhibition uses the Lithograph which is print flat on the surface rather than that lift on a surface.In her art she uses a mono-chrome harmony that creates a thought provoking feel to the audience. Bri uses natural lines that form into the female body, displayed in two of her pieces. The figures are using actual lines, implied, and psychic lines that point in all three directions of vertical, horizontal, and diagonal that shows the change of action, peace, and power. The figure with the two women are placed at in a horizontal direction and it makes it seem as if the women are at peace. Although, in her other piece where she has a women in a vertical direction, she has the women looking back over her shoulder as if she was in fear of something and this contradicts the ideal of vertical being a powerful or dominant stance.

Throughout her pieces they look very smooth but it has a texture to it because of the way she has to process the printmaking. In this process she has to use a compressor and the use of rubbing ink and the paper. Bri uses the her proportions to her advantage because it brings a realistic look to her art work and this is also is the case with her use of scaling the of the art pieces.

Bri’s art represents her present and her past, she mentions that she fell in love with the conception of a merging the past and present because of the growth that she has experienced. She said merging the past and present on a lively industrialized city setting reflects on where society is today.

I thought Bri’s printmaking pieces were amazing and having a one-on-one conversation with her was very enlightening on what printmaking is and the process of it. When looking at her pints I first thought they were just lines but when looking deeper and focusing my eyes on the prints I started to see figures and my mind began to wonder on the different actions going through the lines in each piece. Talking to her opened my eyes on my steps in the media field and the understanding that your past and your present does not always define you, in each situation it is up to you on how you want to react to that situation and how you want to handle it. Through her words and charisma, I learned a lot and excited for the future ahead while at CSULB!



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