Week 8: Classmate Conversation

This week I spoke to a fun energetic young individual, Jess Addinizio. Jess is a first year Film and Electronic Arts major who first came to California State University, Long Beach from New Jersey for a new experience in life. Jess believed that being closer to Los Angeles is a better decision than New York. She entered CSULB as a Communications major because she had a fear into going into film when first applying. She wanted to have a stable job but that was not something she was truly passionate about but she reevaluated her options and finally went for the change and now is Pre-film where she enjoys the atmosphere and collaborating with classmates. When moving out to LA there was big culture difference she mentions.

Jess started her love for film in high school where she took a film class and she realized that she had a love for movies and wanted to learn how to make movies. One of her favorite films “The Breakfast Club”.  When she graduates, she plans to have an internship inline or possible a job.

As hobbies, Jess loves to play sports. She is apart of the rugby team on campus and she got involved pretty easily. Girls from the team asked if she wanted to join and just like that she was in. All throughout high school she was an athlete and music fam. She mentioned that her favorite type of music is EDM or also known as “rave music”. When I asked her about art and she mentioned that she loves art and she likes the more dark art because it seems real and truthful rather than art with color. Jess said that her favorite exhibit she’s experienced in this class is “Vida/Motré”  by Josh Vasquez because it was “dark” and showed the true expression of death and the truth behind people and their feelings or opinion on death.

Jess is a super cool person and I am glad I met her. I collaborated on her with on the group project and she was a great actor and I know she has good talented. Now I have a film buddy and I can’t wait to collaborate with her again!IMG_2352


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