Princess Brownfish

I am Princess Brownfish of Moonbase Alpha. I am the daughter of the late King BrownMonkey. We came from the bottom-up and now are on top of the empire and on the bases of money, we are the WEALTHY. We came from Earth where it was disgusting and the people were like animals. The moon is really cool and I enjoy it here, the people are nice and the food is great too. It was a real change in everything and I love where we live now. The people love me here and I think I’m the best of the best. When we stepped foot on the moon, I knew I was destined for greatness and a rich life. People flock to me and I love the praise and honor that I get. I’m the savor of this Moon and people appreciate me and the great things that me and my father does for this place. IMG_0969.JPG


Rocko is something that shouldn’t be trusted and in the she acts like she’s cool, but watch out.


Ariel is my best friend, I love her. Her life story I was excited when I first met her. I can’t wait until her prince charming comes so we can finally meet.

Steve Patrofski

Steve is someone who is just the outcast of Moonbase, he’ll never be like the rest of us.


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