Week 9 Classmate Conversation

This week I met a rather fun and interesting person named Cirprian Robielos. Ciprian is from the Philippines   with great vibes, and he’s the type of person you can instantly connect with! He came to the U.S. and grew up in the Bay, then relocating to the Los Angeles County. Cirprian is a sophomore at California State University, Long Beach as a Film and Electronic Arts major. His passion for film started off just watching movies and become curious on the special effects is the film world. He also enjoyed making short films in high school. Cirprian decided to be apart of The Beach Family because of Steven Spielberg and the great credibility that name stores and who Spielberg is in the film industry.

 So far into the middle of the semester Ciprian mentions that he enjoys this class because it keeps him involved, it’s chill, and pretty easy. His favorite exhibition so far is Samuel Jenri because of his fun and colorful vibes I his pieces. It’s a throwback to a childlike happiness he mentions. His favorite class assignment was when creating the short film because it was him putting in work towards his major.

Ciprian describes himself as down-to-earth, short, and fun. Somethings he likes to do for fun is watch movies, play video games, and be around friends. His favorite movie right now is Deadpool. His biggest fear is the fear of falling because he’s scared to die or suffering during the process of death. A secret phobia that Ciprian shared with me (which isn’t a secret anymore) is a phobia of cockroaches because they are ugly and creepy. He is afraid of them crawling on him and getting him while he is sleep. 

If Ciprian could own two houses it would be on the East, somewhere in New York and possibly stay in California. He mentions that he loves the warm California weather but he would also love to experience a season in the snow. 

Cip, as some of his friends call him is really an awesome kid, who has great ideas. I enjoyed sharing a conversation with him! 



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