Week 10: Classmate Conversation 

Jhonatan Ramos is a freshman at CSULB who inspires to be a priest one day because of his family’s religious background coming from Guatemala. So he chose to become a Philosophy major. He moved out to the U.S. at the age of 8 years old to come and live with his mother after his grandma got sick. “In Guatemala,” he mentions, “religion is something I always grew up with and carry today with me, and many Americans are not as religious and the people in Guatemala.”When moving to the U.S. his family moved to North California where he stayed in a small town named Gilroy, CA that is a pretty small town where everyone knew each other. He moved to Long Beach for college. He chose Long Beach State because his brother also attends. Jhonatan loves Los Angeles and the new environment of Long Beach. He mentioned to me that he was fearful of coming to college and Long Beach State because he was use to knowing everyone in his city, and now has to come to a new place where it is bigger than what he is use to and meet new people. He says that he loves the excitement of meeting new people although it is scary.

In high school Jhonatan was really involved with clubs, and being a part of the cabinet of each one such as Speech and Debate, also in ASB. He also played football throughout high school and loves to paint and draw. In his spare time he paints and draws, going jogging on the beach, reading, and going to the gym, but besides that he works in the Educational Opportunities Program also known as EOP Office on campus helping students with their needs to see advisors and other school related things. Living in a new place and meeting new people is something that he loves and being independent is something he enjoys as well. The independence has made him more appreciative of his mother and understands the challenges she has gone through to provide for him and his siblings.

Jhonatan seemed really excited about college and what the future has in store for him.  He is a very humbled and great person that I shared a great conversation with. I encourage more people to get to know him and share a great conversation with him as well. img_1281


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