Week 10: Instagram #Art110S16

This week art experience was on posting pictures to Instagram and finding a connection with our classmates through our experience in life and I think that is mainly what this class is about. My post were mainly on my academic life and others were about their home and academic life and when you browse through a person’s Instagram that you may have never thought you’d have a connection with. A picture says a thousand words but a caption shapes and limits a person’s ability to interpret what your post is and this can either be to build a connection with the audience, illustrate ideas, and voice an opinion. People are able to do this more freely with social media now and sometimes it is not always a good thing.

Throughout the classes portfolio you are able to see different people’s cultural activities and them interacting within their campus, daily activities and adventures. Looking through these pictures makes me want to meet some of these people and go to different events and explore life with them. Its great to tap and get a glimpse of a person’s life because you are able to find something you are interested in within the activities they take upon and it opens your mind to new adventures and things you’d never imagine or have thought of.


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