Artist Conversation — Tiffany Le

Artist: Tiffany Le

Exhibition: Tàu

Media: Watercolor, Color Pencil, Ink, on Charcoal and Clayboard

Gallery: CSULB School of Arts, Dennis W Dutzi Gallery


Instagram: @letealeaf

Tiffany is a graduate student pursuing her studies  in the Illustrations program at CSULB working on her MFA in Illustration. As an undergraduate, Tiffany studied Liberal Arts. Through her education in liberal arts and her drawings, she uses both of her educations to make informational pieces that display a message with an impactful influence on culture and understanding of her background. Tiffany’s interest surrounds the idea of further knowledge in education and its impact as well as culture.  In this particular exhibition, Tàu,  explores her family’s past during the Vietnam War and her curiosity and understanding of it that does not necessarily come from her family nor did it come from school.

In many of Tiffany’s images, she plays with lines that are undulating. Through her use of watercolor, texture is added onto the image and bring a naturalistic feeling to the painting. The colors relate to the concept of the hurt and the pain that the Vietnamese experienced during the time of the Vietnamese War with America. Through the   different shades in the colors and the angles of the shapes, the viewer is also able to relate and get a clear understanding of the pain that many must have experienced trying to escape in the time of danger. The scaling on each piece is evident of its personal impact and influence. The color pencils also add texture and stand out over the watercolor.

Though the media, the concept of the exposure of the “Boat People”, who were refugees that were escaping from danger. Tiffany’s family is apart of those refugees that escaped and came to America. Living in America, she explains how she had always had a dual identity lifestyle because of the Vietnamese background and and American culture style. She always felt that she never belonged but is an American citizens because of the stereotypical judgement towards her. Her curiosity towards the her family’s background grown but her parents were uncomfortable to talk about that time in their life. As she began to take history in school, the failed to address the actions in that time period. This lack of acknowledgement motivated Tiffany to use the internet as a resource of her unanswered questions. This growth in her knowing, he spends time drawing out and illustrating the her perceptions on other pains and their wounds from the war. She plans to enlighten those who are ignorant to the traditions and the struggles that people all over the world go experience.

This exhibition is related to the topic of the Vietnam War that I learned in History 173 this week and it has opened my eyes to their pain and how many are just oblivious to the way that they impact others. Through her paintings I was able to feel the pain and the hurt that many went had to go through at this time and makes me reflect on the”struggles” I go through today that are not as much of a big deal compared to the people all over the world who are refugees. This project was a self-reflective and helped influence my outlook on life.


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