Week 12 Classmate Conversation

This week I talked to Aaron Valenzuela , who is a first year film major at CSULB. I love meeting other film majors! Aaron grew up in Downey, CA where he currently lives and commutes from. Aaron has always had a passion for film because he loved movies and loves the creativity behind the filmmaking. In high school he played sports, joined different clubs on campus, and made videos and would upload them to Youtube of him playing videos. My brother does exactly the same, and I’m convinced that he’ll be a game designer. Aaron and I got on the topic of cars and different models of Porsches and Mustangs. He mentioned that he has had two Mustangs and loves them both.

I started to mention the class and some places in the world that he wants to travel too. Aaron mentioned liking the Art 110 class because of the creativeness and ability to look at things in a new light. One of his favorite artist during the class is Samuel Jernigan because of his childlike sculptures and his different from many of the artist that he has meet or see the works of. I agreed that Samuel had many different ideas that seemed childlike and brought me to a peaceful place that day. Aaron also mentions his goals to go to Spain and France because he loves the culture and plans to study abroad in France. HE enjoys college and the great things to offer and I am excited to possible work alongside him one day because he seems like a really fun and creative person.


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