Classmate Conversation Week 13

This week I spoke to Molly Poyer, a third year Communications student at California State University, Long Beach. Molly is from Long Beach, Ca and and chose LBSU because it is not too far from home. Molly plans to have a career in the social media field, so she chose communication because she feels like it is something that is essential in all walks of life and we benefit her in her future career.

Some of Molly’s hobbies just consist of her going out with friends, listening to music and watching TV. One of her favorite TV show is Jane the Virgin and her favorite music genre is alternative and rock. Something interesting that Molly told me, that she normally does not tell people is that she has a twin sister who is not currently in school.  Molly and I share the same fear of not being successful and this may hurt her because of her overthinking but she uses this to keep pushing. He favorite food is pepperoni pizza and if she could have any superpower it’d would be the ability to read people’s minds and to fly.

Molly is a really awesome person to talk to. If you want to learn more about Molly, check out her blog!


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