Art Care Package 

This week art experience was based on creating an Art Care Package and in this package is some meaningful things  that have been great experience within the last year in a half. The purpose of this care package is to inspire others and share your store with others. The person that will be receiving my care package is Gina Householder. As I thought about the items to put into my nail, I thought about impactful moments in my life that many of my fellow peers or Gina can possibly relate too.

My ACP consist of a ticket from prom, a beed necklace from graduation, a CSULB car sticker, a flyer and enrollment for my photography class, my first print out from black and white film photography, and a lipgloss which was my first purchase from my first job. These pieces have a meaningful impact to my life from the last year. Through the last yeah I have      been through a lot and many of these pieces represent the good that was in my life during my life. Sharing this with Gina may have no impact in her or it will give her to also reflect on her high school experience and remember how far she has came in life.

The lack of technology is very reflective. I have not sent out a letter in a LONG time, to the point where I forgot how to address the mail package. It’s a really good way to understand where technology is now a days and how we have evolved within the last couple of years. Through social media and cell phones, the news gets spread quickly, with no need to wait about 3 days to get the letter. Creating a letter is more meaningful than a quick Snapchat or Facebook invitation to a special event because it may mean that the host put more effort, thought, and time into the event and the people invited. 

Compared to Snapchat, this ACP is more intake towards two people and sort of personal. Although, in contrast to Snapchat, the ACP is to someone I do not know and I have to trust that this person will not damage the things that are important or resemble a significant aspect to my life. With Snapchat I do not have to socialize with people I do not know and if I don’t trust them I will not snap them anything too personal. 


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