Sketching in the Garden

This semester is over, and I am in the process of completing my first year of college! This art experience was great because it gave me a scheduled time to sit, relax, and reflect on my life. I am always on the go and I never have time to sit and relax and this opportunity was great!

As I began to look around the garden I sat on the bench looking over the garden and began drawing. I am not the best artist but I think it came out pretty decent. It gave me a chance to actual notice certain parts of the garden that I passed and never payed attention. The representational drawings were exactly what I saw and the abstract drawings were somethings that the things I seen reminded me. One of the big trees I seen reminded me of the Evil Queen who turned to a witch from Snow White. There was also a bridge pole that reminded me of Papa Smurf so I drew him as the pole. There was also a small fountain that I seen that reminded me of a lion and a elephant together so I drew that. These drawings are not really “abstract” but it is similar because an abstract art is “art that does not attempt to represent external reality, but seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colors, and textures” and Papa Smurf is not the pole, trees can not turn into witches, and the lion/ elephant is not the fountain.


Photography is my passion and taking pictures and being able to explore is something that sparks fire into my heart (in a good way). I have been to the garden 2-3 times this year and I never really payed attention to the koi fish and how beautiful they are. I took pictures of things I never payed attention too. In my abstract photographs I just used close ups, some of the stuff may look familiar and others the viewer may not know what exactly what it is. In many of my pictures I use the monochrome filter because it invites a new perception to the viewers than a color image would. What I want my viewers to think about within my photographs and drawings is what they think about art and what makes a drawing or a photograph interesting to them.



I enjoyed this stress reliever and I enjoyed this class. Many of my classmates looked at these projects as just a grade but I seen this class as a get-away from life for an hour and 15 minutes. I am glad I took this class and I completed my 1 year of college!!!


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