Classmate Conversation–Natalie Guvara


Last week I talked  to Natalie Guevara who is a second year criminal justice major at California State University, Long Beach. She loves helping people and wants to feel justice for a world that is unjust. She chose Long Beach because it has a because it is the only CSU that has a criminal justice department and she fell in love with the nature of campus. She is from the Los Angeles area and went to Southgate High School. She also lives on campus and enjoys it. She is also the first generation in her family to go to college.

Natalie has a passion for animation drawing and realistic art. She also enjoys reading, going on hikes, and exploring with friends. She does not have any favorite place to hike but she love nature and everything about it. While doing homework she enjoys just hanging out outside and enjoying the outdoors.

It was great talking to Natalie and getting to know her and her adventures at Long Beach State so far. I enjoyed this class and meeting new people. This is the reason why I came to Long Beach for the diversity and the networking opportunities that I can take outside of this class!


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