Landscape with a Corpse

Many people often think that they’re work will help them live and accomplish their life long dreams. This is true, but working too much can actually kill you! I consider myself a “workaholic” because I love working and I have to keep busy. Sometimes keeping busy isn’t the way to actually live life. Striving to do your best is a MUST and you should do it all the time but when you are too busy to worry about your health that is when it is a problem.

When you are cram for your final, or spend all week studying for a test, DO NOT FORGET to take at least 30 minutes of studying to actually do something YOU ENJOY! Play a video game, hang out with friends, take a nice long walk, take a nap, play with your camera, watch Netflix, just do something that will take you away from that place of worry. Just remember that the time you are taking away from enjoying the beautiful outdoors is the time you are taking away from LIVING.

-Amber B.

“Worrying won’t stop the bad stuff from happening it just stops you from enjoying the good.”

When creating this piece I thought long about what I should do. I wanted to be creative with my idea but using the resources I had. The process of finding a cameraman/woman was challenging with people’s busy schedules and etc. So I ended up shooting this all by myself with my handy dandy tripod! The first idea I though about going to Downtown LA and shooting from a tall building me “falling to my death” with my photography camera in my had as me being adventures, but I ended up choosing this one because of the message behind it. All of us struggle to work hard and become that successful person. That is the reason why we’re at CSULB, but when having tight deadlines and possibly working one or two jobs we miss the meaning of life or even enjoying the life we have on this Earth.

I enjoyed this project because I was able to reflect on the changes I need to make before departing from this world. I hope for the next project I make friends in the class to make the project more exciting!


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